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Preparing You for Current Challenges and Future Opportunities 

With a projected 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs for 2025 and 16 percent higher pay than other IT jobs, the time has never been better to explore a career in cybersecurity. Whether you want to expand your career options or be more competitive in your chosen field, having cybersecurity skills provides better job security, a premium salary, and rewarding challenges.  

However, as a working professional, you face certain obstacles when it comes to furthering your education, such as time commitment, cost, the need for flexibility, and more. When it comes to quality and academic rigor, you shouldn’t have to compromise— it is vitally important that you’re able to take what you learn today in the classroom and apply it to issues you face tomorrow at work.  

But is it really possible to further your education in cybersecurity on your schedule without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality? We believe it is. 

Cybersecurity Education for Working Professionals: the Professional Institute at SCI

In response to the current cybersecurity skills gap crisis, we at the University of Pittsburgh, a leading academic and research powerhouse, are now offering industry-backed cybersecurity education options for working professionals through our cybersecurity micro-credential pathways, graduate certificates, and other degree programs.  

Thanks to our flexible offerings and a tailored format, you can complete your coursework on your terms while keeping up with your work and family obligations. Whether you are interested in a micro-credential, a graduate certificate, or a full graduate degree, you’ll finish with the skills you need to confidently face both current and future cybersecurity challenges—giving you a major advantage in the market.  

Read why our students chose us:

Student Testimonial

"I have learned more in the last 5 weeks about why my role is critical to my organization than during my past 1.5 years on the job training. […] I have a much better understanding of what we are actually up against. [Offensive Boot Camp I] has already helped me better prioritize resources and budget. For someone with my background, this class was eye-opening.”

-Casey Braffet, Endpoint Protection and Vulnerability Manager, Eaton

Student Testimonial

"[Offensive Boot Camp I: Understanding Vulnerabilities & Exploits] benefits me as a developer because I could see the other side of it. I would definitely recommend it to other developers because then you can know what to code against and how to patch up holes.“

– Anthony Alvarez, Inter App Systems Analyst, Federated Investors 

Student Testimonial

 "Other classes I’ve taken have been condensed down into five days for eight hours. [The professional education program] being more expanded, you have more time to focus and learn... I retained a lot more of it than I did of those [other] five-day classes and certifications. “

- Samuel Rees, Core Technology Services Manager, Allegheny County Department of Human Services

Cybersecurity Job Statistics

Higher Pay Than Other IT Jobs
Unfilled Cybersecurity Jobs by 2021
Unemployment Rate
Expected to Be Spent Worldwide on Cybersecurity by 2022