Cyber Management

With data breaches costing U.S. companies an average of $3.9 million in 2019, it’s no wonder 79 percent of respondents to the Marsh and Microsoft 2019 Global Cyber Risk Perception Survey ranked cyber risk as one of the top five concerns of their organization. Managing risk is just one of the many aspects of an organization’s cybersecurity strategy. Now more than ever, organizations need capable leaders with strong cybersecurity skills to make informed decisions.  

Created for professionals looking to move into management, or for those already in management, our Cyber Management pathway prepares you to lead the way in protecting your organization’s data, networks, and infrastructure. Expand your skillset to tackle the ever-changing technical landscape.  Learn how to recognize various types of threats and vulnerabilities. Build mitigation strategies and comprehensive solutions to make sure your organization is protected from attacks and complies with governmental and industry regulations.  

Become an effective leader in cybersecurity management with our Cyber Management micro-credential.  

CYBER MANAGEMENT MICRO-CREDENTIAL                                               TUITION FEE: $3,000

 The micro-credential would be paid for in increments as courses are taken. Courses can also be taken individually (tuition fees listed below).   

Introduction to Information Security & Privacy 

Set the foundation to succeed in cybersecurity and build your skills toolkit with our introductory course to the cybersecurity world. Identify key security challenges, learn best practices, discover how risks manifest in networks, and more.  

Level: Beginner      Tuition Fee: $500      Learn More >>

Vulnerabilities, Threats, and Attacks 

A defensive security team must be right every time while an offensive threat actor only needs to be right once. Recognize types of threats, threat actors, and vulnerabilities to determine mitigation strategies for future attacks in Vulnerabilities, Threats, and Attacks.  

Level: Advanced Beginner      Tuition Fee: $1,000       Learn More >>

Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Regulations 

What legal issues surround cybersecurity? What role does government play in consumer privacy? What should you do if a data breach happens at your organization? Understand the regulatory and legal issues technical professionals often confront in our course Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Regulations.   

Level: Beginner      Tuition Fee: $1,000      Learn More >>

Risk Management & Governance 

Every day, your organization is at risk of being exposed to cyber threats, data loss, and liability. Knowing the best cybersecurity practices, regulations, and techniques can lower the risk of attacks and mitigate losses in the event of an attack. Learn how to develop risk governance frameworks, enforce policy, oversee systems security, and more in our course Risk Management and Governance. 

Level: Advanced Beginner      Cost: $1,000 

Applying Privacy-Enhancing Technologies 

A Pew Research Center study found that only 14 percent of American consumers are “very confident” in the ability of organizations to protect their data. Learn the benefits and costs of sharing information through computer systems and several privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) to better defend user privacy in Applying Privacy-Enhancing Technologies and improve user confidence in your organization’s ability to protect data.  

Level: Advanced Beginner      Tuition Fee: $1,000     Learn More >>