Cyber Essentials

With a projected 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs for 2025 and a 16 percent higher pay than other IT jobs, there’s never been a better time to expand your skill set to include cybersecurity — whether you want to pursue a career in that field or stand out in your current one.  

Demand for cybersecurity skills isn’t limited to those who are in the field: a 2019 Burning Glass Technologies report found that more than half of job descriptions that include cybersecurity skills are for IT roles outside of cybersecurity. 

Designed for today’s working tech professional, the Cyber Essentials pathway can help you transition into a cybersecurity career or help you be more competitive in your chosen field. Master the fundamentals of securing data, systems, and networks and learn how to protect against modern day attacks. Take the lead on addressing compliance and legal issues surrounding cybersecurity operations in your organization.  

Move your career forward with our Cyber Essentials micro-credential.  

CYBER ESSENTIALS MICRO-CREDENTIAL                                                TUITION FEE: $3,500

The micro-credential would be paid for in increments as courses are taken. Courses can also be taken individually (tuition fees listed below).   

Introduction to Information Security & Privacy 

Set the foundation to succeed in cybersecurity, and build your skills toolkit with our introductory course to the cybersecurity world. Identify key security challenges, best practices, how risks manifest in networks, and more.  

Level: Beginner      Tuition Fee: $1,000      Learn More >>

Network Security & Monitoring 

It’s estimated that a cyberattack occurs every 39 seconds on average. Know how to protect your network through creating secure network architectures, identifying vulnerabilities, applying network defense tools, and more in Network Security & Monitoring.  

Level:Intermediate      Tuition Fee: $1,000      Learn More >>

Vulnerabilities, Threats, and Attacks 

A defensive security team must be right every time while an offensive threat actor only needs to be right once. Recognize types of threats, threat actors, and vulnerabilities to determine mitigation strategies for future attacks in Vulnerabilities, Threats, and Attacks.  

Level: Advanced Beginner      Tuition Fee: $1,000      Learn More >>

Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Regulations 

What legal issues surround cybersecurity? What role does government play in consumer privacy? What do you do if a data breach happens at your organization? Understand the regulatory and legal issues technical professionals confront in our course Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Regulations.   

Level: Beginner      Tuition Fee: $1,000      Learn More >>