Professional Education

Earn a well-recognized and respected cybersecurity credential from the University of Pittsburgh by taking just five courses, offered in a blended (online and on-site) format.

Our cybersecurity professional education program spans a wide range of subject matter in both technical issues and cyber management, giving you the depth and breadth you need to meet the demands of the market and stand apart from your colleagues. 

What Will I Learn?

You'll examine critical issues, gain competencies, and learn in-demand cybersecurity skills from respected academics and recognized industry experts. A cybersecurity credential from the Professional Institute will prepare you to:

  • Identify, assess, and manage cybersecurity risks throughout your organization.
  • Leverage best practices to build a cybersecurity governance framework.
  • Recognize vulnerabilities in network defenses and create secure networks.
  • Implement cryptographic protocols on your enterprise network.
  • Build high-assurance secured software systems.
  • Think like a hacker in order to stay one step ahead of potential threats.

Explore Our Courses

Courses will vary in length based on the individual topic. Each course is designed asynchronously—meaning it can be accessed at any time—and starts with an online module that culminates in two days of on-site sessions. Students are expected to complete all online coursework prior to the start of on-site sessions. The on-site sessions will be held at the Regional Learning Alliance Learning and Conference Center at Cranberry Woods.

Choose from the following three flexible tracks with just four courses each, or customize your own track: 

Cyber Essentials

Designed For: Anyone in IT (such as analysts) who wants to transition to a cybersecurity career or expand the breadth of their tech skills in order to stand out.

Recommended Track:

Roles This Track Prepares You For: risk analyst, information security analyst, and other IT jobs that include cybersecurity functions

Cyber Management

Designed For: Tech professionals who want to move into management or who already oversee a security team at their organization as well as managers who want to make more informed decisions about issues involving cybersecurity.

Recommended Track:

Roles This Track Prepares You For: vulnerability manager, compliance manager, security operations lead

Cyber Boot Camp

Designed For: Those in technical roles – such as software developers who want to make their code more secure, those who want to become ethical hackers/penetration testers, and technical managers who want to gain a deeper understanding of cyber issues in the organizations they manage.

Course Track:

Roles This Track Prepares You For: ethical hacker, penetration tester, security engineer, DevSecOps engineer, malware analyst, security architect


The professional education course schedule can be found here