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Professional Offerings That Meet Your Needs

As a working professional laser focused on advancing your career while juggling personal and family commitments, finding the continuing education option that best fits your needs and lifestyle can be a challenge. You know you need a flexible, tailored-to-you program led by experts in industry and research who understand the challenges you're facing in a field that moves faster than technology itself. You know you need a targeted approach to learning that will prepare you through online and in-person instruction to reach your goals faster. You know you have limited time to complete your studies, as neither the advancement opportunities nor security threats you're seeing on a daily basis will wait around for you to acquire the necessary skills to address them.

Did you know you can now find all of this and more in one program at the University of Pittsburgh?

The Professional Institute at the School of Computing and Information (SCI) leverages the reputation and academic rigor of SCI and quality instructors recognized both as subject matter experts in their fields and leaders in research, offering leading-edge programs in cybersecurity. 

Why cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is one of the most significant challenges facing the marketplace today. The current worldwide escalation in cybersecurity threats, coupled with massive skills deficits in the United States, is creating not only a national crisis but potentially leading to economic chaos. Pitt is widely recognized for expertise in cybersecurity that spans three disciplines—computing and information, public policy, and law—absolutely critical for today's cybersecurity professional.

Our unique and flexible education model, available through the Professional Institute, makes it easier than ever for you to gain the skills you need right away, when the need is greatest. 

Explore our in-demand course offerings in professional education.

Professional Education

These non-degree programs for working professionals feature an innovative, modular approach, which will enable you to gain competencies and in-demand skills in a targeted subject area. Courses are taught by research faculty, as well as industry leading subject-matter experts. 

Graduate Certificate

This 15-credit, interdisciplinary graduate certificate program is taught by faculty experts from three Pitt schools: School of Computing and Information, School of Law, and Graduate School of Public and International Affairs. 

Master's Degree

For those looking for a deeper dive into theory and practice, we offer a 36-credit Master of Science in Information Science, which includes a specializiation in cybersecurity. Learn from leading industry experts in world-class lab facilities, and participate in federally funded research.