Mike Gualtieri

  • Cofounder, SAVIO Information Security
  • Part-time Faculty, School of Computing and Information

Mike Gualtieri is a technologist and entrepreneur who is passionate about Linux, Open Source Software, internet privacy, and cybersecurity. He is cofounder of SAVIO Information Security as well as president of the software consulting firm Eris Interactive Group. Previously, he was the innovator of Kiddix, a Linux-based OS for kids with integrated parental controls.

Gualtieri has two decades of experience working with Linux and FLOSS in both business and technical roles and has an extensive technical background in operating systems and security.

As president of Eris Interactive Group, Mike has architected, launched, hosted, and maintained dozens of software products for companies across many industries. Since founding in 2011, he has grown revenue, profit, and client base, and has expanded business capacity through partnerships with other development firms. The cybersecurity side of the business has recently been spun out into a separate entity, SAVIO Information Security, an offensive cybersecurity firm which focuses on helping organizations develop and manage information security programs.

Mike holds an MBA from the Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh, an MS in computer science from the University of Pittsburgh, and graduated cum laude with a BS in computer science from Seton Hall University.