Offensive Boot Camp II: Penetration Testing

Offensive Boot Camp II: Penetration Testing is the second of two courses and requires that the student has successfully completed Offensive Boot Camp I.

Students will build on the knowledge gained in part one of the boot camp, expanding their skill set to conduct a mock-penetration test on an isolated lab environment. Tools and techniques used in modern penetration tests will be presented, and students will apply the lecture material to hands-on lab work. Topics include privilege-escalation in Linux and Windows environments, web application security, password attacks, lateral movement, and post-exploitation.

This course will provide:

  1. The basis for understanding the mechanics of modern penetration tests
  2. The structural foundation in building the skillset of a junior penetration tester or junior red team professional
  3. The ability to immediately transfer skills presented in the course to real-life situations    
  4. The foundation required to take on challenging certifications such as the highly regarded Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification  

Current Course Offerings

Spring 2020

April 23rd and 24th

Cost: $2,500

*Note: The above dates are for the on-site sessions of the course. The online component of the course will begin approximately four weeks before the on-site sessions. 

Course prerequisites

Offensive Boot Camp I: Understanding Vulnerabilities & Exploits