Offensive Boot Camp II: Penetration Testing

Offensive Boot Camp II: Penetration Testing is the second of two courses and requires that the student has successfully completed Offensive Boot Camp I.

Level: Advanced

Tuition Fee: $2,000

Length: six weeks of online asynchronous and synchronous instruction

Instructor: Mike Gualtieri

In this course, students will build on the knowledge gained in the first Boot Camp, expanding their skill set to conduct a mock-penetration test on a structured lab environment, configured like a modern corporate network.

Students will gain hands-on experience in all phases of the Cyber Kill Chain, from breaching a network and gaining a foothold to utilizing command-and-control (C2) frameworks to move laterally to other targets on a network and gain persistence.

The essential material presented in this course directly benefits students working in a variety of IT capacities, by providing insight into real-world adversarial tactics employed by cybercriminals and other threat actors.

This course will provide students with:

  • An understanding of the attack life cycle and the mechanics of modern penetration tests
  • Hands-on experience utilizing adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) presented in frameworks such as MITRE ATT&CK and widely utilized by modern red teams and ethical hackers
  • The ability to immediately transfer skills presented in the course to real-life situations

Students wishing to transition into an offensive security role will gain hands-on experience that can be immediately used on the job. Additionally, students interested in risk management, defensive security, or digital forensics will benefit from understanding the anatomy of modern attacks and how threat actors gain access and move within an organizational network.


Course prerequisites

Offensive Boot Camp I: Understanding Vulnerabilities & Exploits