Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Regulations

This course examines how government plays a role in overseeing private actors’ protection of consumer privacy and maintenance of necessary information security protections. The course has a strong focus on regulatory and compliance issues, including study of real-world data breaches and corresponding consequences. Students will examine the types of problems technical professionals confront in actual practice, with an emphasis on the regulatory and legal issues they would navigate along with non-technical experts. 

Topics covered will include the privacy and information security oversight by federal regulators, including the Federal Trade Commission, and other state and federal actors.

In this course, you will learn:

  1. To develop a basic understanding of government oversight of the handling of sensitive personal information
  2. Legal issues pertaining to information security
  3. To familiarize with and recognize government agencies that play a vital part in overseeing cybersecurity and data protection
  4. The necessary steps to be taken in the event of a data breach and the likely liabilities associated with such a breach

Before taking this course, it would be helpful (but not required) to have:

  1. A basic grasp of how private actors collect and store personal information and the fundamentals of data protection
  2. General knowledge of information security and instances of compromises of personal information
  3. Familiarity with legal and regulatory principles

Cost: $1,000