This course examines legal and policy aspects of computer and electronic crimes and related issues. The primary focus will be on modern "cybercrime," including the legal frameworks, prosecutorial tools/discretion, and other measures available for deterring, investigating, prosecuting, and punishing criminal acts that leverage, target, or otherwise involve modern information systems. Topics will include "hacking," electronic surveillance, the Fourth Amendment and technology, digital forensics, cyberbullying, identity theft, electronic espionage, cyberterrorism, digital copyright and related issues, privacy, the era of “forced disclosure,” and the challenge of cross-jurisdiction enforcement.

In this course, you will learn:

  1. The history and future trends of delinquency and crime in cyber communications
  2. The terminology and definitions associated with the world of cybercrime
  3. The different types of cybercrime, as well as the laws and policies, governing each particular area
  4. How to curtail cybercrime by learning to identify characteristics and behaviors of offenders and victims