Cryptographic Tools and Techniques

This course equips students to design and implement encryption and authentication mechanisms on enterprise networks. The course materials focus on practical application of cryptographic protocols on network devices and hosts, as well as the risks and benefits of implementing cryptography on an enterprise network. The course includes hands-on labs that walk students through implementing various encryption and authentication protocols. Attention is paid to foundations of cryptography, key differences in types of cryptographic protocols, implementations of cryptographic protocols in network and host configurations, and the effects of cryptography on enterprise security, efficiency, and monitoring. Prerequisites include: a basic understanding of network architecture, a basic understanding of host architecture, TCP/IP and OSI models, and Introduction to Information Security & Privacy.  

In this course, you will learn to:

  1. Determine appropriate cryptographic protocols to implement in an enterprise, given a set of threats and requirements 
  2. Determine appropriate locations and network assets for implementation of cryptographic protocols  
  3. Identify pros and cons of implementing specific cryptographic protocols in an enterprise 
  4. Implement a wide range of cryptographic protocols on an enterprise network 

Course prerequisites

Introduction to Information Security & Privacy