Building Secure Systems

Development of high-assurance software systems is a growing challenge in emerging complex systems. Secure by design is emerging as a basic principle for trustworthy computing and as a preferred way to ensure the security of networked information systems and infrastructures. This course will focus on this issue and fosters the design and implementation as well as verification/validation of secure software systems and architectures. A key coverage will include principles and practices of secure and high assurance software development process, including security development lifecycle models, and design/verification/validation using languages and tools such as UML. Tools and techniques for code analysis and testing, and evaluation and certification of software will also be emphasized. The course will also cover secure programming principles using different languages, with particular focus in secure software development.

In this course, you will learn to:

  1. Secure development methodologies/models
  2. Secure programming issues
  3. Security analysis tools and techniques
  4. Secure design and verification (e.g., protocol verification, model-based techniques, etc.)